Project Emovere

Emovere Project, directed by dancer Francisca Morand and Javier Jaimovich, researcher and sound artist, started in 2014 with interests on sensoriality, physiology, consciousness and experience as fundamentals for interdisciplinary and artistic experimentation. This collaboration resulted in a first performance piece Emovere premiered in October 2015.

We are currently working on Fragile Intersections, a solo performance by a dancer, developed around themes of identity and self-image constructed by the subjective relationship of somatic processes, such as self-sensing while moving and vocalizing. Emovere Project focuses in the following creative and research interests:

  • Design of interactions; considering physiology, movement and sound

  • Interaction and body-based sound composition

  • Dance creation for interactive interdisciplinary processes

  • Presentation, representation and perception of the spectator in interactive interdisciplinary creations and staging

  • Theory generation from the interdisciplinary practice of body, sound and technology and its relationship with the artistic creation


If you have any inquiries please feel free to reach out by email contacto@emovere.cl or Facebook