Creation and Research

Fragile Intersections

(2018 – present)

Fragile Intersections, performance and installation are merged in a single work, reflecting on the contemporary body that emerges from the intersection and interaction of its biology with technology; a new hybrid body crossed by a multiplicity of information that questions its subjectivity, identity and its simultaneous state between organicity and artificiality. Voice, sound, movement, dance, biosignals and objects converge in fragile intersections, all merged in an interactive system that proposes a multiple and complex body: sometimes singular and others collective, part flesh and part machine, immersed in an unstable environment that forces the subject to feel, act and transform.

Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Creation/Research Methodologies


The “Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Creation/Research Methodologies: Art, Body and New Technologies took place between August 8th and August 10th, 2016. It featured artists, theorists and university professors from various regions of the world, who came together with the purpose of sharing different perspectives about interdisciplinary artistic work associated with new technologies. The Colloquium was organized in presentations and included a discussion panel with the speakers at the end of each day. A series of discussions and debates were originated at the colloquium, thus, turning it into a unique activity.

Emovere (performance)

(2014 – 2015)

The performance Emovere builds a scenic poetics based on a reflection about the biology of emotion, where the bodily variations of the performers influenced by emotions and movements feed an interactive design that generates and modifies the audiovisual universe of the piece. The body of the performers is presented as a flux of information, vibrations, signals, gestures and tensions affected by the amplification of its internal processes which, at the same time, activates and modifies an environment in constant movement, displaced and unpredictable.