Javier Jaimovich

General Director, Sound Director

    Researcher, sound artist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Music and Sonology of Universidad de Chile, Javier obtained his B.A. in Music Technology from Universidad de Chile, and subsequently an M.A. and Ph.D. in Sonic Arts from the prestigious Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) in the United Kingdom, where he earned scholarships to study between 2007 and 2013.

    At SARC, he specialized in the research of new technologies for musical applications through physiological signals as part of the Music Sensors and Emotion (MuSE) group led by Dr. R. Benjamin Knapp. In parallel to his doctorate studies, Javier taught at SARC and worked as a research assistant in the project EU SIEMPRE. After completing his studies, he rejoined the Sound program of the Faculty of Arts, where he conducts research on the physiological responses of audiences to music, participates in interdisciplinary creation projects and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Sound and Composition.

    Website: http://javier.jaimovich.cl
    Contact email: javier@jaimovich.cl

    Francisca Morand

    General Director, Dance Director

      Graduated as a Teacher specialized in Dance from Universidad de Chile, she also holds an M.A. in Dance from American University (2001) and is a Laban Movement Analyst (CMA) at the Laban-Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (2013).

      She began her professional career as a contemporary dance performer in independent companies from Santiago de Chile, in addition to her teaching work, in Chilean companies such as La Pequeña Compañía, Andanzas, La Séptima Compañía and Silueta de Gos. Her areas of interest are contemporary techniques, Contact Improvisation and more recently somatic systems applied to the training of dance artists, a research she is currently undertaking in her postgraduate studies and her specialization in movement analysis.

      In 2001, she started to expand in the field of choreographic creation by conducting artist residencies at American University and George Washington University in the United States, mainly in association with Eduardo Osorio (http://morandosorio.blogspot.cl), with whom she created “Territorio Compartido” (2004, Altazor Award 2005), “Catálogo” (Fondart 2006) and “Invisible” (Fondart 2012). She is currently an academic in the Dance Department of Universidad de Chile, where she teaches undergraduate courses and creation and co-directs the project Emovere.

      Website: http://morandosorio.blogspot.cl
      Contact email: fmorand@u.uchile.cl

      Esteban Gómez

      Interaction Platform Programmer

        Esteban holds a B.A. in Sound from Universidad de Chile, where he graduated summa cum laude. He designed the first workstation for the Audiovisual Archive of Biblioteca Nacional de Chile (the National Library) and programmed an audiovisual heritage management system for the same institution and also for the Patricia Chavarría Traditional Culture Archive. Together with Javier Jaimovich, he designed and programed the technological support that was necessary to carry out Emovere.

        He is currently focused on artistic creation and popular music. After studying electric guitar with national exponents such as Alejandro Silva (ASPC, Mandrácula), Ignacio Torres (Farenheit, Kilterry, Nasson), Gonzalo Cordovez (Gonzalo Cordovez, ASPC, Perro Terco) and Claudio Cordero (Claudio Cordero, Matraz, CAST, Oxygen 8), he plans to continue his studies abroad in order to obtain a Master’s degree that will allow him to develop projects aimed at popular music and widening its possibilities through technology.

        Website: http://www.estebangomez.cl

        Sergio Núñez


          Sergio holds a B.A. in Composition from Universidad de Chile and is currently completing his first year of the M.A. in Composition program at the same institution under the guidance of Dr. Javier Jaimovich and Maestro Jorge Pepi-Alos. He has premiered works in various cycles dedicated to contemporary music and has co-created interdisciplinary dance projects, which allowed him to present at important concert halls such as Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Sala Isidora Zegers, Teatro Antonio Varas, “El Claustro” Auditorium of Universidad Mayor, etc.

          In early 2014, he obtained the “UNESCO – Aschberg Scholarship for Artists” to participate in a creation residency at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in the United States in September. In October, he will complete an internship at the Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology of Virginia Tech within the framework of the artistic research EMOVERE: Body, Sound and Movement. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Basic Composition for Professor Andrés Maupoint at Universidad de Chile and also teaches at Universidad Bolivariana.

          Eduardo Osorio

          Dance Performer, Dance Assistant Director

            Bachelor of Fine Arts from Universidad de Chile. He studies academic and contemporary dance in addition to his work as an Illustrator and Landscaper. He is also taking courses and seminars of different tendencies, all of them contemporary, with Joelle Bouvier and Regis Obadia (France), Shelley Senter, Wally Cardona (USA) and Joao Fiadeiro (Portugal), among others. He performs in independent companies such as Mobile, La Séptima Compañía de Danza Contemporánea, La Pequeña Compañía and Silueta de Gos.

            He was an evaluator for the National Dance Fondart (National Fund for Cultural and Art Development) during the two calls for entries in 2007 and a National Judge for the 2008 call for entries. Along with Francisca Morand, he participates in the creation, staging and performance of the works “Territorio Compartido” (2005 Altazor Award), the 2006 Fondart Project “Catálogo” (2007 Altazor Award Nominee) and “InVisible” (2012 Fondart Project). In parallel, he pursues studies in the Max/Msp/Jitter program in order to use it for future creations, together with sound artist Ariel Bustamante.

            Poly Rodríguez

            Dance Performer

              B.A. in Dance from Universidad de Chile and Physical Education Teacher at UMCE. My lines of development are performance with contemporary techniques linked to somatic practices and contact improvisation, using corporality in procedures that allow experimenting and delving deeper into various possibilities-relationships and corporal states, and corporal educational research from an interdisciplinary holistic view in order to address issues linked to learning and human relationships. I am currently an academic at the Department of Dance of Universidad de Chile, as well as other universities, and a contemporary dance performer.

              Matías Vilaplana


                Bachelor of Arts with a mention in Sound of the University of Chile. In his training he has deepened in the lines of musical production and sound design for audiovisual and interdisciplinary projects, combining different techonological/musical tools as Max/MSP, Pro Tools and Live. He currently works as a recording engineer at Estudios Agartha in musical productions for different genres.

                Pablo Zamorano

                Dance Performer

                  Dancer and young creator. He holds a B.A. in Dance from the Faculty of Arts of Universidad de Chile. His training has combined various styles and areas within performing arts. He has studied professional theater and singing and has deepened his knowledge through contemporary dance, improvisation and performance research seminars and workshops with national and international artists from France, the United States, Spain, Venezuela, Cuba and Chile. He has performed for prominent national dance exponents such as Nuri Gutés, Lorena Hurtado, Francisca Morand and Eduardo Osorio, Natalia Sabat, Isabel Croxatto (Narcisaciones) and Andrés Cárdenas.

                  He has also performed in national musical theater productions and VideoDance pieces. He is currently a teacher at the evening dance program of Universidad de Chile and works on a daily basis for the self-management and artistic collaboration of dance projects. Some of his own choreographies are the “Crónicas” solo, “Retrato Hablado”, “Féminas” and “Deuda”, a piece where he is both a performer and author.

                  Ana Campusano

                  Performance Design and Lighting

                    B.A. in Theater Design and academic from the Theater Department of Universidad de Chile. She teaches Performance Design Workshop 1 and Staging Workshop 1 in this Bachelor program. She has developed her career as a theater designer fundamentally in the area of lighting and space. In theater, she has participated in creation projects with independent groups, as well as the 2010 and 2012 National Drama Exhibition; in the “FEROCES” creation project, a project of excellence funded by FONDART Nacional at Centro Parque Cultural Valparaíso.

                    In 2015, she participated as a lighting, space and wardrobe designer in the project IBJGM: EMOVERE. She published the book “Develando el otro habitar: Oficios técnicos del Teatro Nacional Chileno” and premiered “El pupilo quiere ser Tutor” by Peter Handke at Teatro Nacional Chileno as Director of the Company of the Theater Department of Universidad de Chile.
                    She is currently pursuing postgraduate studies within the Art Theory and History program of the Faculty of Arts of Universidad de Chile.

                    Cristián Canto

                    Visual Projections

                      Graphic Designer from Universidad Diego Portales. He worked for over 8 years at Canal 13, where he became Art Director in the Marketing Management Department and specialized in Motion Design. He subsequently studied at ENSCI in Paris, France, where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Creation and Technology and specialized in interactive devices and physical computing applied to performing arts.

                      He currently teaches at the Department of Design of Universidad de Chile. He also participates in various projects and investigations for theater companies and artistic ensembles, where he experiments with the visual experience of the spectator and the stage space by integrating motion design, video mapping and interactive luminous electronic devices.

                      Eleonora Coloma

                      Theory and Texts

                        Doctor(c) in Philosophy with a major in Aesthetics and Art Theory from Universidad de Chile, where she completed a thesis that researches the links between sound and movement, music and dance. She is also an academic in the Department of Dance of Universidad de Chile, currently in charge of directing the Department, where she conducts teaching activities in the areas of research, music and sound and art history, as well as creation and research activities through three Bicentennial projects as part of the team related to interdisciplinary links.

                        She was trained as a composer in the Faculty of Arts of Universidad de Chile, where she obtained a B.A. in Music Theory (1996), a B.A. in Composition (2002) and an M.A. in Music Composition (2000).

                        Solange Durán

                        Alba Emoting® Method Instructor

                          Master in Educational Communication with a major in New Technologies from Universidad de Playa Ancha and Actress from Universidad de Chile with voice specialization studies in Chile, and abroad at Pantheatre (Roy Hart, Paris) and Suzuki Method, New York. Certified in Alba Emoting™ by Dr. Susana Bloch A., creator of the emotional induction method.

                          She holds a diploma in creativity from Universidad de Chile. She has been teaching and researching in the area of professional voice for more than 20 years. She currently teaches voice in undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and coordinates the Certificate in Professional Voice: scientific, technical and teaching bases at Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educación in Valparaiso. She is a researcher at the Human Voice Studies Center of the Speech and Hearing Program of Universidad de Chile.

                          Rolando Jara

                          Theory and Texts

                            Playwright; Ph.D. in Literature, M.A. in Literacy and B.A. in Aesthetics and Literature. He has been an academic in several universities where he has taught in Dance, Theater, Music and Literacy programs. He is currently a theory professor in the Department of Dance of Universidad de Chile.

                            As a playwright, he has developed a career for over ten years, which has allowed him to be selected on five occasions for the National Drama Exhibition and to premier plays and performance pieces in Chile, Spain and Germany. Some of his prominent works include “Costas de Hielo” (1998), “La Bilis Negra” (2001), “Proyecto/Fausto” (2003) and “Polen” (2004), all of them selected for the National Drama Exhibition; “Calias, tentativas sobre la belleza” (2007, presented by the La Puerta Theater Company in the Schillertage International Festival at the National Theater of Mannheim and in the 2008 Santiago a Mil Theater Festival), and “Hombre Acosado por demonios ante un espejo” (2010), a Bicentennial Fondart project by the La Puerta Theater Company. In the field of dance, he is a member of the scenic interdisciplinary creation projects within the Dance Department of Universidad de Chile.

                            Sofía Muñóz

                            Theory and Texts

                              Anthropologist and B.A. in Performing Arts. She has worked as a performer in several pieces of Compañía Teatro Kapital and as a creator with Danza La Independiente. She is currently completing her doctoral co-tutelage (CONICYT scholarship) for the Doctorate in Philosophy with a major in Aesthetics of Universidad de Chile and the Institute of Theater Studies of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in Germany. Her research is mainly about contemporary dance and philosophy.