he “Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Creation/Research Methodologies: Art, Body and New Technologies” took place between August 8th and August 10th, 2016. It featured artists, theorists and university professors from various regions of the world, who came together with the purpose of sharing different perspectives about interdisciplinary artistic work associated with new technologies. The Colloquium was organized in presentations and included a discussion panel with the speakers at the end of each day.

Throughout the Colloquium, a series of debates and topics arose that gave it a particular stamp. The purpose of this document is to gather the main topics and issues emerged within the Colloquium, both during the presentations and the discussion panels, as well as introduce the main questions that guided this event, such as: What do new technologies linked to the body enable us to do in art? Does technology play an exclusive role in revealing aspects that we usually can’t see, such as internal aspects of our body? What methodological challenges are involved? Which interdisciplinary methodologies were used? Are these methodologies transferable? Continue reading

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In this section you can find the videos of the different presentations of the colloquium. To watch them, just click the video you want to play.

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